Frequently asked questions

FAQ for members

  1. Can anyone become belibela member?
    Yes, anyone that have an email address can register as Belibela's member
  2. How many maximum downline that I can have?
    You can have unlimited downline, as long its still within 5 level below
  3. How does member collect point?
    Member get points from downline purchases.
  4. Can member withdraw points?
    No, member can redeem points to purchase goods or services from merchant
  5. Can anyone redeem my points?
    No, every redemption is secured by TAC code. You will receive TAC code sent to your phone.
  6. Is there any charges on redemption?
    There is small fee of 10 points upon redemption

FAQ for merchants

  1. Can anyone become belibela merchant?
    Yes, Belibela now available in Malaysia. Anyone from the country can register as Belibela's merchant
  2. Can merchant accept payment from Belibela's member?
    Yes, merchant can accept payment with Belibela point from members
  3. Can merchant withdraw the payment?
    Yes, merchant can withdraw the fund into bank account
  4. What is the minimum withdrawal?
    Minimum withdrawal is 1000 points